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by Eileen Agar
12 April.- 17 May

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Common Ground
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Walmer and the Garden of Sarah Price


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Updated on 24 April 2019

GALLERY HOURS: Tuesday - Saturday 11 am - 6 pm DURING EXHIBITIONS

TEL. +44 (0)20 7359 7002

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Artists with Solo Exhibitions in the Gallery include:

Peter Archer
Albert Adams
Ray Atkins
Yves Berger
Jeffery Camp
Barrie Cooke
Julian Cooper
Jeffrey Dennis
Ann Dowker
Anthony Farrell
Stephen Finer
Jeff Gibbons
Paul Gopal-Chowdhury
Anthony Green
Martin Greenland
Nigel Hall
Paul Hamlyn
Derek Hyatt
Michael Kane
John Kiki
Henry Kondracki
Leon Kossoff
Andrea McLean
Nick Miller
Paolo Molinari
Roy Oxlade
Dieter Pietsch
George Rowlett
Michael Sandle
Wendy Smith
Terry Setch
Arnold van Praag
Anthony Whishaw
John Wonnacott

Contributors to our Catalogues include:

Frank Auerbach
Timothy Barringer
John Berger
Melvyn Bragg
Sacha Craddock
John Craxton
Anthony Cronin
John Davies
Morgan Falconer
William Feaver
Gavin Francis
AA Gill
Anthony Green
Robin Gibson
Mark Glazebrook
David Hare
Robert Hewison
Martin Holman
Timothy Hyman
John Lahr
Andrew Lambirth
Grevel Lindop
John McEwen
John McLean
Jo Melvin
Sophie Morrish
Richard Morphet
Deanna Petherbridge
Sean Rainbird
Marcus Reichert
Norman Rosenthal
Eric Scigliano
Hilary Spurling
John Spurling
Barry Schwabsky
John Russel Taylor
Colm Tóibín
Colin Wiggins
Juliet Wilson- Bareau
Jon Wood
Robert Woof

Artists who participated in Group Exhibitions include:

Frank Auerbach
Miguel Barcelo
Phylida Barlow
Basil Beattie
Adrian Berg
Philip Brahm
Christopher le Brun
Belinda Cadbury
Sarah Cawkwell
Eileen Cooper
Prunella Clough
Graham Crawley
John Craxton
John Davies
Kaye Donachie
Anthony Eyton
Rainer Fetting
Lucien Freud
David Hepher
Timothy Hyman
Neil Jeffries
Alex Katz
Ken Kiff
Christopher Le Brun
John Lessore
Jock McFadyen
Dawn Mellor
June Redfern
Paula Rego
Paul Richards
Wendy Smith
Andrew Stahl
Alison Turnbull
Euan Uglow
John Virtue
Karl Weschke
Laetitia Yhap