WINTER JOURNEY 2009 ~ An Exhibition at Art Space Gallery : 4 December 2009 - 16 January 2010

Winter Journey

4 Dec. - 16 Jan. 2010

John Davies

Paul Gopal-Chowdhury

Timothy Hyman

Henry Kondracki

about the exhibition
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"Three Figures " by  JOHN DAVIES "let your yes mean yes and no mean no now " by PAUL GOPAL-CHOWDHURY "Head and Thee Figures " by  JOHN DAVIES
"Donkey Ride Blackpool Beach " by HENRY KONDRACKI "Drawing on the Eye" by TIMOTHY HYMAN "Ice Cream Van" by HENRY KONDRACKI
"London slung over the Shoulder " by TIMOTHY HYMAN "The Quick and the Dead, II" by  JOHN DAVIES "love in the City before and after the developers came" by PAUL GOPAL-CHOWDHURY "when you walk through the garden " by PAUL GOPAL-CHOWDHURY
"End of the Dream" by  JOHN DAVIES detail from: "descent from plant life" by PAUL GOPAL-CHOWDHURY "Scotsman " by HENRY KONDRACKI
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